Management Transition List

Thank you for giving Cedar One Property Management the opportunity to manage your lease portfolio.  By managing your leases, we strive to simplify your life and let us take care of the day-to-day management of being a landlord, and it all starts with the transition.  We want this transition to be smooth and painless for you and the renters.  We have a punch list of important items that will need to be addressed, so that the first day we take over it will go without a glitch:

  • A list of tenant’s names, contact info, and leases
  • A current rent roll
  • Addresses with office units with square footage and amenities
  • Utility accounts and vendor accounts that are paid by you. (copy of the bill)
  • Insurance bills that you want us to pay (copy of the bill)
  • Property Taxes (Do you want us to pay them?)
  • Property owner's mailing address, contact info, deposit account
  • Any specific policies that you have as a landlord
  • Security deposits (breakdown of who paid what)
  • A list of tenants with back balances
  • Regular maintenance that needs done?
  • Anything else that you think is important for us to know.


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